Pro Staff

Interested in joining our Staff? Please submit your 'resume' via email to:

If you do not attach a proper resume, it will not be accepted. You will be contacted if selected for a staff position, no need to contact us any further.

Pro Line Lure's in looking for hard work, hard core, and motivated anglers to promote our products around the world. All members of our team must fish national circuits, local clubs or some sort of circuit tournaments. In order to promote our products effectively you must have access and participate in some form of social media.

         - Facebook

         - Twitter 

         - Instagram

         - LinkedIn

         - Periscope

         - Youtube

         - Website Blogs

         - Fishing Website Forums

 Staff anglers must promote Pro Line Lure's with logos on your tournament clothing, vehicle, and boat. Staff angler must not only be a promoter but a salesman. Angler must promote our products and introduce those products to national and local dealers.